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about me

On a wet cold night in November 2004 I found myself on a corner in Earls Court, London, after a 40minute tube ride from Heathrow and a 48hour flight from Melbourne. I had arrived with no return ticket, no job on arrival, no clue and not even my first night's accommodation booked. I had a working holiday visa, less than AU$3000 and no line of credit. All I knew was that I was going to get a job working and living in a pub somehow. You might think this sounds risky – and I would have to agree. However to me that was part of the fun – to make it up as I went along. Anyone can be given a step-by-step guide and have everything pre-prepared and backed up – but that's just not me.

I also had no prepared UK bank account, no mobile phone sim card, no tax information, no contacts of any kind other than the number for the Aussie consulate and a reverse charge calling card – I was utterly alone and dependent entirely upon myself. Flying on a wing and a prayer.

And yet...


Me - Dubronik, Croatia

Oct 08



I managed to find somewhere to stay that night and had a live-in pub job in Earls Court within 3 days. Most would say I was lucky – and perhaps I was, but my stay in the UK in various cities and pubs lasted 3½ years– that's a lot of luck…Not including the many seperate trips to Europe, the experiences I've had and amazing people I've met. I learnt so much doing so, I even created this website.

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Now I'm not trying to blow my own trumpet here. What I did those years ago was risky but it can be done and furthermore it can be done whilst saving your money for the things you really need!

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