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car hire in uk and Europe

Convenient and affordable, car hire in UK and Europe is the ultimate in travelling freedom

Mass transit is all good and well for moving a lot of people from one central place to another but lets face it, unless that central place is next to where you ultimately want to be it's far from convenient.

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In fact if you fly a budget airline 8 times out of 10 you'll still have to travel for an hour just to get to the public transport hub from where you will most likely have to catch a train or bus (or both) to your final destination.

Of course if you miss an aeroplane, coach or train there's little you can do except wait for the next one - whenever that may be. Wouldn't it be great to have your own transport at your disposal to take you directly where you want to go? Well you can and it's not as expensive as you might think.

In the right circumstances, car rental or car hire in UK and Europe has got to be the best way to travel.

Trains are quick and reliable but they're not cheap.
Cheap Air Travel UK is very fast but often don't fly directly to where you want to go.
Coaches and Buses are nice and cheap, but they're slow and uncomfortable

If you are amongst a small group of friends and one of you is over 25 then getting around the UK and Europe can be quicker and cheaper if you pool your money and hire a car.

-note- Under 25s can still hire cars there is just an extra 'under 25s premium' added to the cost.

Average prices car hire in UK and Europe for a medium size vehicle can be as little as 60euros a day. Even after you add the price of fuel, if you're sharing with 3 other people the end price can be half that of travelling on trains. Plus the fact that you can decide which way to go, where and when to stop along the way, as well as that, you get to be transported the entire way to your destination - door to door.


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“Speed has never killed anyone, suddenly becoming stationary... that’s what gets you.”

Jeremy Clarkson



Naturally, car hire in UK and Europe comes with its own bunch of hassles and worries. Insurance waiver in the UK can be as high as ₤500 whereas in Europe you may be looking at 750euros if you damage the car. For those accustomed to driving on thecorrectleft side of the road, you'll have to learn how to change gears with your right hand whilst negotiating (backwards) round-a-bouts.

In my opinion the 'pros' of car rental far outweigh any 'cons' that may arise. Just the freedom of being able to drive up to 200 kilometres an hour on German Autobahns is worth the cost of hiring your own car. Add that to the fact that you won't have to lug around swollen backpacks through train stations and around crowded bus terminals whilst searching for your soon-to-depart method of mass transit.

Renting your own hire car in UK and Europe requires a bit more planning than just turning up at the car rental desk in a foreign country and seeing what's available. Remember also that travelling by car is one of the more dangerous forms of transport so it's something that should be undertaken by someone with a serious attitude and decent driving experience.

There are plenty of car rental firms operating across the UK and Europe. More than I can mention here other than the few big ones. What I can say is that I used Europcar (booked through to drive around France in 2006. Shortly after, I picked up a car from for a few days hire in southern England. Both of these transactions went smoothly.

The last car I hired in the UK (before purchasing my own) was through and it became a bit of a headache. The reason for this was that Alamo (or some organisation operating on their behalf) put a ₤400 'temporary' hold on my credit card. This was my money that I was unable to use for 12 days after I had returned the car. Alamo blamed my bank and my bank naturally denied any fault. I am still not sure what happened exactly, however what I do know is that it had never happened before nor since with any other car rental company.

My most recent car rental experience in Europe was in September 08. A group of us hired a car from Frankfurt and drove it to the Austrian Alps (in 6 hours) A couple of days later we returned to Germany, stopping at Munich (for Oktoberfest) Over the next few days we drove to Cesky Krumlov, Prague, Berlin and then back to Frankfurt. This booking was with Avis and goes down as the best experience for not only the places we saw, but the speed and comfort in which we saw them. This is because Avis upgraded us from the Audi we had booked to a more expensive BMW.

-note- Always stick to posted speed limits and be aware of traffic conditions at all times. High speed accidents don't often bear many survivors.

For more information and rates on car hire in uk and Europe try out a few of the rental firms below, listed in my order of preference.

Auto Europe

Holiday Autos
and Alamo

Not too sure about driving yourself on foreign roads just yet? No worries, there are plenty of other ways to get around the UK and Europe that are safe, reliable and affordable.

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