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Cheap Air Travel UK

 Cheap Air Travel UK - Fast and affordable, nothing beats it!


You will quickly discover (if you haven't already) that there is no place in the world for better value air travel than Europe. You can get from England to Italy for ₤15. In fact I once flew from Pisa in Italy to Prestwick Airport outside of Glasgow and the flight cost me just 1penny!!! (total cost less than ₤9 incl. taxes – still a bargain!)

More than likely you will spend far more money in getting to and from the airports than what you will spend on the cost of the tickets and taxes themselves.

Make sure you fully research the airport you will be arriving at; most of them are likely to be 30-100 kms away from where you ultimately want to be.

-example- Ryanair claim to fly to Frankfurt - But it's actually Hahn airport which is about 70kilometres west. The bus in to Frankfurt takes 90 minutes and costs 10euro

Don't get taken in by the ridiculously low prices advertised on the airline websites. Once you have factored in the taxes, fees and charges – the end price will be a lot higher making your cheap air Travel UK not so 'cheap'.

-example- September 08 I booked a flight out of Trieste (northeast Italy) in to Birmingham International in the UK flying with Ryanair. The flight cost me just 10euros with no taxes. However the charge for checking in one 15kilo rucksack is now 15euros (used to be 7.50) and there is a new 10euro charge to pay by Visa / Master Card - either credit or debit. Visa Electron for some reason is exempt from card charges.

winding road uk“Lovers of air travel find it exhilarating to hang poised between the illusion of immortality and the fact of death.”

Alexander Chase




Even after paying all the fees and associated costs of flying in to regional airports in the middle of no-where, choosing cheap air travel UK and throughout Europe is still budget enough to be worth the hassle. The seats may be small and uncomfortable, but when the longest flights are just 2 hours, it sure beats a 20 hour coach trip to the same place.

The best no-frills airlines for cheap air travel UK and Europe are:

Pretty much in that order for price. I've flown these budget airlines more times than I can remember. And aside from the lack of food served and no onboard entertainment they're just like any other carrier.

It is probably a good idea to try and familiarise yourself with their destinations and nominated airports as they don't all fly from or to the same places. For this reason you can try using which searches a number of the cheaper airlines and displays the results for you to choose.

Logically enough, the earlier you book the cheaper it is. Sometimes though you can get some bargain last minute discount flights – however they're usually not to the places you want to go!

You'll find travelling light is not only easier and quicker, but that it's cheaper too. For a weekend gettaway or short trip you should be able to fit pretty much everything in to a decent sized carry-on bag anyway.

There are of course many Full Service airlines servicing Europe that you can choose to fly with as well. Those carriers will all come up on search results, whereas the no-frills carriers usually won't so you have to visit their sites directly. You also can't book these cheap flights through travel agents – it's all do it yourself online. Be careful when making bookings yourself as its easy to make mistakes with dates, times, places, airports.  Also know that most flights are either non refundable or refunds will be swallowed by high cancellation fees.

-note- The check-in gates for these budget airlines close up to 40mins before departure, so make sure you're on time or you will be left behind.

As far as the service is concerned, I've never had a single problem. Also the seats usually aren't designated so it pays to be first in the boarding queue to get the seat you want. Often the planes are only half full - having a row to yourself really is the best way to enjoy budget air travel.  

Cheap Air Travel UK - One of the best ways to get around Europe!

Don't like to fly much? That's ok there are other budget travel options to get around the United Kingdom and Europe whilst staying firmly on the ground these include:

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