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The cursÉd Double split Shift

Dangers of live-in pub work - Double split shifts

Working and living in pubs and restaurants in the United Kingdom can be hard work. Hours are long, breaks are short and there never seems to be enough staff to cover the customers when it's busy. On top of that, accommodation can be uncomfortable and the pay is downright awful!

With all that to contend with do yourself a favour and find out if the pub, restaurant or hotel you want to work at, operates a double split shift. I would highly recommend against working under those conditions.

What it a split shift?

Like it sounds, a split shift is a shift, split in to two parts with a few hours off in between. I myself prefer straight shifts, to get work over and done with in one go. Others like the fact of being able to go shopping or to the bank in the hours between shifts.

tired bartender

“I never remember feeling tired by work, though idleness exhausts me completely”

Arthur Conan Doyle, Sr.



So what is a double split shift?

Double splits are an idea direct from the devil! These usually only apply to Hotels or Country Clubs. (places that offer accommodation / breakfast) They entail you working 3 shorter shifts in the same day with a few hours off in between to rest. These shifts are a sure fire way to screw you up. Thankfully most places don't schedule them, but if you're applying to a place that offers accommodation – ask about these nightmare split shifts!

(more info about pub work hours check out Naked Pub Truths - What hours will I work)

If you don't ask, you run the risk of ending up at a pub and suffering the same fate I did.

Double split shifts - click here to find out what happened to me.

Of course if you do end up in a less than preferred situation it's not the end of the world, you can always leave and try another live-in pub somewhere else. That's assuming of course you have been placed in a job through an agency at no cost to yourself. If you have paid an organisation to set you up in employment then you have a more difficult decision to make.

Don't want to pay someone to organise your live-in pub job? Click here for information on how to secure live-in pub jobs in the UK for free!