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What do I do about food?

Quality of food can vary.  I have had many an issue with the standard of food I have received. Let me be the first to tell you that most live-in pubs / restaurants have a budget of about ₤1 per staff member per day. That is all they will spend on you. So your meals will often be of dubious quality. If you're a picky eater then get used to being hungry. – I have an issue with mushrooms, I'm not allergic, I just bloody hate them…you will find if you hate them that mushrooms are in everything…

My advice is, fill up on breakfast – cereal toast, fruit etc. as well as get yourself some chocolate bars to snack on during shifts – so that if dinner isn't of your choosing, you can choose not to eat it.

Don't worry about the extra 'carbs' or calories, you'll work it off in no time. In fact working in a busy pub is a sure fire way to slim down and bulk up. I don't recall knowing many front of house workers carrying much extra weight. Chefs of course are a different story.

After some time befriending the chefs, you may be in a position to request proper meals. There's nothing like a proper chef prepared meal every day to keep your energy and moral high.

Good pub food

"I will not eat oysters. I want my food dead. Not sick. Not wounded. Dead. "

Woody Allen



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Storing food in the staff accommodation fridge

Yes, there is usually a fridge in the staff accommodation area for you to store your own grub in. This sounds like a good idea to save even more money, just don't be too disappointed when your food mysteriously vanishes whilst you're working – the same goes for beer. And labelling everything with your name including various threats to would be thieves is also no guarantee your stash won't get eaten either. Besides, food gets forgotten about whilst working in such a fast environment, and you don't want to be the one responsible for that block of blue vein that's growing hair and starting to move!

-note- Vegetarians
The kitchen will always go out of their way to make exceptions for veggies. You may find it interesting how many chefs are in fact vegetarians themselves :P

-note- Vegans
Don't push your luck…frankly I can't understand anyone not wanting to eat meat, let alone going without dairy and every other animal related product.

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