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Free accommodation uk

What's better than paying for accommodation? Free accommodation UK!

Imagine being able to find places to sleep all over the UK and Europe without paying a penny! Ruth Woods has over 20 years experience travelling around the world and knows plenty of ways to get some rest without paying for a bed. It's a fantastic way to save cash as well as meet different and interesting locals 'on their own turf'. Here's what Ruth says;

"It's a great way to travel and because the accommodation is free you can travel longer. You will connect with people in their communities on a completely different level than that of a tourist.

Even if you are planning to backpack and work in a country you might need a place to stay for a few days while you find a job and permanent accommodation. It's a great way to meet people especially the locals."

Ruth Woods Vietnam


Ruth Woods and her husband Tony in Vietnam



"We spent six months touring Europe staying with people and enjoyed over 100 nights free accommodation. More importantly our lives were enriched by meeting these people and finding out about their way of life, exploring their country and meeting their family and friends.

When planning our holiday in Europe I searched for ways to obtain budget accommodation and found several sites, but was a little uneasy about how it worked. Anyway we checked it out and found some great genuine people – but we did our research."

- Ruth Woods -


So if you reckon you like the idea of landing free accommodation in the UK, Europe and all over the world then I recommend you check out Ruth's site:

Free accommodation UK - Free accommodation for world travel