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How often will I get paid?

Normally you can expect to get paid every month. However, this may not always the case. It pays to ask before you accept a particular live-in job just what to expect.

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suffer the fate I did

These days, most of the big pub chains pay monthly (every four weeks), some of the smaller ones might choose fortnightly or weekly. Monthly pay can be quite difficult to get used to.

Why are these ways bad for you? Well it's a lot harder to discover pay discrepancies in fortnightly and monthly paycheques. This relies on you trying to remember and prove how many hours you worked over a 7 day period three or four weeks previous…

Some places still pay their staff with cheques - waiting another 5 days for your earnings to clear sucks.

Get paid money

"You don't get paid for the hour. You get paid for the value you bring to the hour."

Jim Rohn



Make sure you are properly paid for the hours you work, you're not running a charity are you? One idea is to keep a work diary and record your hours worked, break times, and days off. Get this signed off by a manager or supervisor every day and there shouldn't be any excuses for you to not be paid correctly.

-note- This sounds a lot easier than it actually is. In reality you'll forget or won't be able to find a supervisor to sign off on the hours you work. Still it's worth a go in my opinion.

As well as your wage you can expect tips (if applicable) to be paid daily or weekly to fortnightly. If you work in a pub / restaurant your tips can be pretty substantial, enough to live on. Just make sure you get your fair share of tips as well as get paid the correct wage.

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