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What chance do I have of 'hooking up' with
a member of the opposite sex?

Chances on hooking up? - Better than you would hope!

Of course I'm not going to make any promises on your chances of 'pulling a chick (or floce, for you saffas) what I will say however is that if you don't then you'll be the first I've heard of. It really is amazing, just how successful you can be. Don't think I'm promoting promiscuity or unsafe practices – I'm just – as always – sharing my knowledge and telling it straight.

More than likely you will hook up with a workmate. You spend all day and night with these people, you go out together, shop together, take day trips and hopefully backpack around Europe together. So it's bound to create very close bonds.

I myself met my current partner of 5 years at the last pub I worked at. She was a chef and I was senior barman – we used to exchange food for drinks (living on the edge we were). If it hadn't been for the live-in environment we would not have met, so on reflection even though I worked for terrible money in poor conditions, who really got the better deal out of the situation? Me or the pub?

-edit July10- On the 10th July, my partner and I tied the knot and are now husband and wife!
UK Live-in pub jobs For The Win!

lovers in the park

"Anyone can catch your eye, but it takes someone special to catch your heart"

Author Unknown



One thing to try and keep in mind however when hooking up with locals or workmates, is that you are a traveller, more than likely your existence in the UK is temporary. Eventually at some time you will have to leave. Either the pub or the country, and that kind of thing can be a bit of a harsh reality.

Of course here's hoping you continue travelling after whatever visa you are on expires. There's always the Republic of Ireland, working in the French Alps or perhaps becoming a pub crawl guide in Rome.

As always when it comes to mixing business with pleasure and hooking up with a colleague I implore you to use caution! You don't want to make things uncomfortable for yourself or anyone else at the pub. Do that and you can find yourself unemployed and homeless rather quickly!– But hey you're an adult right? You can make decisions for yourselves, so best of luck to you and at all times whilst hooking up, practice safe sex.

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