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What other pub costs will I have to pay?

Aside from your 'upkeep' honestly there aren't many other pub costs you have to cough up for whilst working and living in a pub in the UK, which keeps things nice and simple really.

Right, let's say you earn ₤245 a week and you have a National Insurance Number (tax numbers, do you need one?) first you lose say 20% in tax and national insurance contributions in total (It's this low because you earn so little) then you have to pay for your upkeep at the pub. This is generally accepted to be ₤40 a week and includes your room, utilities, and laundry. Some pubs might provide you with a meal per day, or subsidised meals.

There really shouldn't be anything you actually have to pay for to exist and work. This is great because with such low living costs you can now save as much as possible for what you really want to do in the UK - Travel and experience what the UK and Europe have to offer!

Empty pocket

“You must empty a box before you fill it again”

Irish Saying



Coffee and tea should be free, cordial and soda water too. It used to be that every pub would offer a free beer at the end of every shift as well but many sadly are choosing to be stingy these days. Especially if you are working for one of the big pub chains.

With such low living costs, you can save up money really quickly. Even better if you earn tips, in which case my tip would be to live off these cash-in-hand beauties and bank your wages (more info on tips here) That way you can plan a trip to somewhere different in Europe every month if you like. Believe me time flies when you've got a holiday coming up to pay for!

You will still need to spend some money to exist of course, so check out:
Other pub costs - Sim Cards, Calling Cards & Travel related stuff

There are some other pub costs to take in to consideration. I never want a beer quite as badly as when I've finished closing down a bar. So if you enjoy a drink or two, I advise you to have them on ice ready.

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