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Recommended Pub Job agencies

These UK Pub job agencies will find you a job for free!

Below is a couple of recommended uk pub job agencies. They have their own websites so you can contact them for further information as well as let them know when you will be looking for employment.

As I've said previously, they receive a finders fee from the pub / restaurant you are placed with – they cost you nothing at all to use.

Some of them operate in specific areas, North South East West etc, some operate across the UK.

London, May 2005. When I found myself unemployed and with nowhere to live I called the lovely and helpful Dee Cooper. I told her I was looking for a change of scenery and pace. Dee found me a fantastic live-in job in beautiful historic Stratford-upon-Avon. Just what I needed after working 6 months in a London Sports pub. In Stratford I got the chance to soak up a bit of history and culture, whilst working for a small chain in an up-market 'gastro' pub. The staff there were fantastic and really welcoming, they made me feel at home on arrival.

Dee sorted me out with a job on no less than two occasions. Whilst I was on my UK working holiday. Maybe I have a soft spot for Dee because not only did she find me immediate employment when I found myself jobless and broke but it was in the last pub I worked at in Warwick that I met my current partner - which as of July 2010 is now my wife.  (-awwww-) As well as the most amazing group of fellow working holiday makers from around the world plus heaps of locals many of which I still see and talk to now.

Dee Cooper has been matching travellers just like you with live-in pub jobs all over England since 1996. She runs a quick and easy service. Working with some of the biggest and most respected pub chains in Britain. Dee has an intimate understanding of the kind of staff that pubs and restaurants are looking for so that all parties are really satisfied. I know I was.

Are you striving for a life of work and isolation? Dee Cooper is also one the few pub job agencies that can find you a live-in job in Scotland, which otherwise could be a bit tricky. So whether it's caber tossing and kilts in a scenic snowy setting you're after, or cosy country pubs offering gastronomic delights, Dee can sort you out.

Pub Job agencies  -  Dee Cooper


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"If you don't know where you are going, you will wind up somewhere else."

Yogi Berra



Another fantastic live-in pub job agency I have used to find live-in pub work is KH Recruitment. KH have been operating for about 10 years now placing working holiday makers as well as locals in hospitality positions all over England and Wales. Their website has a handy listing of available jobs for you to check out, which gives you a bit more of a say in where you want to be working. You can upload your CV and they will contact you. KH Recruitment aim to place job seekers in employment within 48 hours, which they did for me.

Most of the jobs listed by KH Recruitment are out of Greater London, allowing you the opportunity to discover a different part of the UK whilst saving money. Although KH have positions for all kinds of front-of-house and back-of-house staff, If you are a chef or have any previous experience in a kitchen, I would recommend contacting these guys first.

A couple of my good friends used a different job matching service that required a deposit up front to join a program and find you a position. Once they had remained in the job for 2 months the deposit was returned. This isn't a bad way of guaranteeing a job, and is certainly better than paying for one entirely, but I still prefer not to pay anything for the service. Of course had my friends decided before the 2 months that they wanted to leave, they would have forfeited their deposits so it's not something I would recommend.

As you are probably aware, there are other pub job agencies and organisations online that will charge around $500 to find you pub work somewhere in the UK. The differences are that by organising your employment before you arrive, these agencies take some of thefunfear out your UK working holiday. Add that to the fact that you have no time to yourself on arriving in London to relax and explore as you are immediately directed to your designated place of employment. Not to mention that they get your hard earned cash regardless of whether you enjoy the work and decide to stay.

Of course it makes sense to contact the above pub job agencies by email before you leave your home country to let them know when and where you plan to be looking for work and that you might require their services.

-note- There are also some dodgy organisations that offer you a live-in pub job at no up front cost but instead take a cut of your wages as payment. This really is not a good idea and I'm pretty sure it's also quite illegal. So do yourself a favour and only work with the best, most respected pub job agencies in the business.

Nothing beats free pub job agencies!

However there are other more familiar ways to search for live-in pub work in the UK - click here for other ways to find a pub job.

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