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the result of not asking the right
pub job questions

Ask the right pub job questions and don't let this happen to you

My second live-in job in the UK was working in a Country Club and Leisure Centre in the beautiful Cotswolds region of Oxfordshire. I made the mistake of not asking some rather important questions before agreeing to make the trip from London. As it turned out the pub operated double split shifts...

On arrival I was accommodated in one of the hotel guest rooms (the nicest bed and room I had slept in since arriving in UK) until I had agreed to stay that is. After which I was quickly moved to the staff house down the road...

This is how my week turned out.

Picture yourself waking at 6am to prepare for breakfast at 7. Having a break from 9:30am until 12 before returning for the lunch service which can run till half 2 or 3. You are then on break again until 6pm before returning one last time for the final service till finish around midnight or so.


got a question?

“He who asks a question is a fool for five minutes; he who does not ask a question remains a fool forever”

Chinese Proverb


It wasn't the length of time spent working, it was the lack of a proper rest period that made it difficult. Technically I did get over 5 hours off to rest but because the time is scattered your body can't adjust. It also means you don't have time to do anything else either.

I found myself in this position because I failed to ask the correct pub job questions when enquiring about the job.

During that week I asked my new workmates about other important questions I had failed to ask the manager – for example “When do we get paid?”.

It turned out that pay was monthly, and that it was also by cheque. As my bank was not in the town, I would have to travel 40mins by bus to deposit said cheque and again the following week to withdraw my earnings after the cheque had cleared.

Adding to the fact that there was almost nothing to do in such a quiet town led me to the obvious conclusion – I called a British friend who fortunately was able to collect me and I left with the hope of never repeating the experience. – I also never got paid from that job as payment was monthly, and I was in no hurry to return to collect the cheque.

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Ask the right pub job questions and choose the best pub for you!