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Who will my workmates be?

Good news, your future workmates will be people just like you!

Young and free, finally out of reach from mummy and daddy and able to be who you want to be. Remember no-one knows you, you have the chance to re-invent yourself a bit – you can forget all those embarrassing events from the past and start afresh. (try and keep the B/S to a minimum)

Typically you can expect to be working with a mix of Aussies, Kiwis, Saffas, Americans, and Canadians most of whom will be working under a Youth Mobility / working holiday or ancestral visa. Also I can safely say you'll be working with some Polish people as well – and you think you can handle your vodka now? - You have much to learn my friend!

Your workmates will be between 18 and 25ish years of age. People looking to see the UK and Europe, visit new cultures, meet new people, swap stories, create stories, and experience life. They will most likely be courageous, adventurous and excited to be off on their own. In short they will be just like you.

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Staff of The Saxon Mill 2008




If you're lucky you'll be the only person from your country, which will give you great novelty value amongst your new friends and customers. You'll quickly get used to telling people where you come from and why you're overseas. (Brits for some reason always think it's for the exhange rate)

You will be amazed how quickly you find yourself trusting these former total strangers, although when you think about it, you're all in the same boat so it's not that surprising that you will share similar stories and have many of the same desires. It is also not surprising that living and working in such close proximity to like-minded people, leads to chemistry and romance...

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