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This page is where you get to speak your mind and share your opinions, comments and stories about pub jobs, and working whilst on holiday in the United Kingdom.

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A few thoughts from others


Danie from Melbourne in Otterton, Devon said

I would have to say that there hasnt been that much of an actual impact on job availability or patronage in pub and restaurants over here. The good things about the English is that they will always be hanging out in their local pub no matter what the economy is doing. I work in a country pub in a tiny coastal village off the main raod in the south of england and we are still doing pretty well here to employ 15 or so people. The more affluent areas in the bigger cities will be doisn just fine, so much so that I am confident of finding myself another job when I move on from this one in a month or so. if you are a dedicated and hard worker you will have no problems finding and keeping a good job over here.

Penny for your thoughts


Penny for your thoughts...?




Sammy from Port Macquarie in Newquay, Cornwall said

Hey bro you don't say much on where the coolest places to work in England are. I reckon it's gotta be Newquay eh. I worked here summer last year and it's got such a cool vibe happening that I'm back again for this summer. Brighton is wickd fun too, always something going down and the people are laxed and awesome. Thanks for the easy to understand National Insurance info, got my number sorted out just in time for tax return time - cheers!

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