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tax numbers and bank accounts for free

If you intend working in the UK you're gonna need Tax Numbers sorted and a Bank Account opened.

Do you think British citizens pay someone to open bank accounts and tax numbers? No they don't, and why should you?

Maybe you've heard that getting your tax sorted and opening a UK bank account is a real headache – this can be true, however opening a can of soup can be a headache if you've never been shown how to use a can-opener… or perhaps you think you need to pay a fee to have someone assist you in these matters… or perhaps you actually enjoy throwing yet another Phat wad of cash away... then go ahead. But if you're intrigued by the idea that spending 10 minutes of your time could save you $200 then read on…

If you decide to have your visa prepared for you by an online third party, you will no doubt be pressured into buying a 'UK landing Information Pack' of some description.

In these packs you will be promised all sorts of information such as getting your bank account, sorting your tax numbers as well as useful contacts, maybe an invitation to a 'Welcome to London night' Plus to top it all off you'll get a UK sim card with ₤5 credit – all for the 'modest' price of $200 or so.


“I saw a bank that said "24 Hour Banking", but I don't have that much time”

Stephen Wright



In reality the only thing of real value in these packs is the free UK sim card with ₤5 credit - not exactly worth $200 is it? As for help with getting tax numbers and a bank account, all in fact you will get are interviews for both, which you can do yourself very easily.

You see, the organisations that offer these 'information packs' assume that you don't know what you need or how to get it. With my help here on this site, you can have all the info before you go, for free!

Again the information that I have gleaned from my own personal experiences living and working in the UK is yours for nothing. If of course you find this or any of the information on this site valuable you can make a donation to this site but that's up to you.

Don't pay for free information. It's all right here!

So how do I get Tax numbers and UK bank account without paying for it then?

Click here for information on sorting tax numbers
Click here for information on opening bank accounts