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uk expenses table

This is a very rough list of UK expenses
to give you an idea what you can expect.

What does ₤1 buy me?

You should find that supermarkets across the UK offer pretty good value on most items especially when it comes to Fresh food and alcohol. The list below is an estimate example of what you might pay at Tescos – as of Oct 2008


Fresh Whole Chicken


Milk – 2 pints / 1.13 lt


Heinz Minestrone Soup 400g


Bottle of Smirnoff Red 700ml


Bananas - 1 kilo


Pringles Original 170g


Coca Cola 2lt


Marlboro Lights 20s


Nescafe Original 100g


Bottle of Jack Daniels 700ml


Sliced White Bread


Fresh Eggs 10






Mars bar 


Petrol litre / (3.78lt in US gallon)


UK expenses prices courtesy of Tesco pricewatch -

winding road uk

The odds of going to the store for a loaf of bread and coming out with only a loaf of bread are three billion to one. 

Erma Bombeck


Here are a couple of other expenses not covered elsewhere on this site.

Mobile phones
I only ever had a pre-paid, no contract, mobile phone and I found the rates to be far better value than in Australia. Texts cost about 10p within the UK. Credit can be purchased in amounts of ₤10 - ₤50.

For more info on mobiles phones check out
Sim cards, calling cards and other travel related stuff.

Not the method of travel if you're on a working holiday and/or just trying to save money, but sometimes the only way to get around is by taxi. Taxis cost around a pound a minute / mile + ₤2 flag fall + 50% after 9pm. They really can be quite costly especially if you decide to stop off at Tescos on the way home from the pub and pick up more beer :P

for more info on travel and transport check out
Getting around the UK and Europe

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